MICROfluidics. MACRO Potential.

Bay Area Microfluidics Network brings together leaders in microfluidic technologies to foster innovation and collaboration within and amongst the region’s academic institutions and industries. Specifically, Bay Area Microfluidics Network seeks to 1) encourage academic-industrial collaborations and partnerships; 2) connect prospective employees, such as graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, to companies looking for talent; and 3) facilitate cross-pollination of ideas between the foremost authorities in microfluidic technologies.

Bay Area Microfluidics Network hosts a variety of networking events consisting of short talks or a panel discussion. Afterwards, attendees are encouraged to mingle in an informal setting. Come discover the latest and greatest work in microfluidics!

Check back soon for information about our first meeting!
In the meantime, feel free to contact us at hello@bayareamicrofluidicsnetwork.org.